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First On The Scene Course


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First on The Scene Course - CPR

Topics Covered Include

  • Activating the 111 system

  • Hands-only CPR and AED

  • Administering naloxone (optional module - if required)

  • Administering epinephrine/ Epi-Pens

  • Responding to life-threatening bleeding

  • Penetrating chest trauma

  • Moving patients to safety

  • Positioning injured patients

The purpose of the First on the Scene (FOTS) course is to prepare the public to help those injured and help save lives until emergency services arrive. The target audience for this course is the general public, including schools, colleges, places of work and community centres.

Within our local communities, across the country, and around the world, there is a growing need for individuals with knowledge and the skills to respond to the injured in life-threatening situations until emergency services can arrive on the scene.

Increasing the awareness and preparedness of the general public on what to do until emergency services can respond during cases of natural disasters, active shooter events, road traffic crashes or other incidents at which serious injuries or illnesses occur is recognised as a valuable aspect of community resilience.

Your instructors are all current Registered Health Care Professionals from Paramedic and Nursing backgrounds who will ensure that you recieve the best training to protect you, your family, collegues and your loved ones.

Absolutely anyone CAN undertake this course and learn how to save a life in an emergency or critical incident. 


Can you afford NOT to?

FOTS Course
The duration of the course is 4-hours and can be delivered to absolutely anyone. 
An internationally recognised certificate will be awarded to applicants that successfully complete the entire course.

FOTS Course
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