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Immediate Care Paramedics

Practical Skills and Procedures Disclaimer Policy.



Delegated Scopes of Practice Policy.


Immediate Care Paramedics delivers training and educational courses to various multidisciplinary team members each with different scopes of clinical practice. It is a requirement that this document is completed prior to any course attendance without exception.


During our course’s you will learn and be expected to undertake new skills, practices and procedures which may be outside of your current scope of practice.


To successfully complete the courses Immediate Care Paramedics delivers, you are required to demonstrate competency in all aspects of the course including the demonstration and application of clinical skills, practices and procedures.


However, successful completion and certification do NOT grant a licence, nor an authority to practice skills or procedures that are known be outside of your scope of practice or level.


Where ever possible you will act within your scope of practice as designated by your employer and follow your local policies, procedures and guidelines at all times, acting within your designated title and or scope of practice.


Immediate Care Paramedics, without exception, DOES NOT support and will take NO responsibility for any individual acting outside of their clinical scope of practice when performing skills or procedures undertaken during our courses.


You may ONLY perform and undertake the assessed skills and procedures within your clinical environment if you have written authority and or a designated scope of practice to do so.


Immediate Care Paramedics takes clinical governance and patient efficacy very seriously. Please ensure you read and understand our Delegated Scopes of Practice Policy.


Thank you.

Stuart Cooper, Clinical Director of Immediate Care Paramedics.

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