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Trauma Education


Prehospital Trauma Life Support


PHTLS Immediat Care Paramedics New Zealand
Immediate Care Paramedics New Zealand
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Topics Covered Include


  • Physiology of Life and Death

  • Scene Assessment

  • Patient Assessment

  • Airway

  • Breathing, Ventilation & Oxygenation

  • Circulation, Haemorrhage & Shock

  • Trauma Mangement

  • Patient Simulations & Moulage

Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) is the gold standard continuing education programme for prehospital emergency trauma care. It is a pre requisite in many countries for Paramedic registration and required learning for those working in private practice. 


This challenging course is delivered by Immediate Care Paramedics' experienced and supportive instructors. Designed to suit the needs of experienced multidisciplinary emergency health care professionals looking to extend their knowledge and skills in the recognition and management of trauma patients of various ages, stressing the treatment of the multi-system trauma patient as a unique entity with specific needs.

Our Instructors facilitate candidates learning through evidence-based lectures, hands-on multifaceted advanced skills stations, and realistic moulaged patient trauma scenarios. If you're looking to develop yourself, consolidate learning, gain confidence in a supportive environment or want to learn new skills, then this is the course for you. 


Successful course candidates will be awarded the internationally recognised PHTLS Provider qualification. Recognised worldwide as the leading PreHospital Trauma Course, you will join an exclusive group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to managing and treating patients of all ages during traumatic emergencies.


Before the course, you may have a desire to become a PHTLS Instructor. Immediate Care Paramedics are always looking to expand our group of educators. Should you wish to be considered for an instructor recommendation, please identify yourself to the Course Director or your Group Instructor at registration, where we will be delighted to expand upon the process and its requirements. 


Our Instructors also monitor your performance and progress during the course and may approach you directly to enquire if you would consider being assessed for an instructor recommendation. As an Instructor nominee, you will be assessed to demonstrate the essential attributes and attitudes that we uphold as an Authorised NAEMT Training Institution. 


PHTLS Provider Course
A 18-hour course designed for EMT's, Paramedics, ICP's, Nurses, Doctors and other prehospital providers. Successful completion recognises you as a PHTLS Provider and is valid for 4 years
PHTLS for First Responders Provider Course
An 8-hour course designed for first responders, EMA's, Fire Emergency NZ (FENZ), Rescue Personel and Police Officers. Successful completion recognises you as a PHTLS FR Provider and is valid for 4 years.

Refresher Course
An 8-hour course for individuals who have successfully completed the PHTLS Provider Course within the 4 years and wish to revalidate their PHTLS Provider Status.

Instructor Services
Immediate Care Paramedics (ICP) has been awarded the honour of being an Affiliate Faculty. This enables us to deliver the 4-hour PHTLS Instructor updates to currently registered PHTLS Instructors.
ICP also have the ability to develop future PHTLS Instructors by offering monitoring and moderation for PHTLS Instructor qualification awards.
Types of PHTLS Courses
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