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Terms & Conditions


Booking Confirmation:

1. A place will be reserved for your chosen course once your registration form and receipt of your deposit has been confirmed.

You will then receive a confirmation email with your booking reference.


2. You place is not guaranteed until you have been issued the booking confirmation.



1. The published deposit remains non-refundable whether payment plan or payment in full is selected, currently $150. This enables us to ensure that we can provide the best learning experience for your course.  We have to ensure that venues are booked, catering arranged and, tutors are available in advance of the course start date. The deposit also includes applications for the examinations you will be required to sit to enable the subsequent award of your qualification once you have achieved the relevant standard stipulated for the course.


Course Fees: 

1. Course fees are identified clearly at the time of application and are non-negotiable. 


2. Immediate Care Paramedics reserve the right to increase course fees and, to apply discounts to course fees at their discretion during promotional campaigns. Discounts and offers are only applicable to the specified course and not transferable. Once your course has been confirmed and booking confirmation received then no further price change can occur.


3. If full payment is not received by the agreed date, generally 5 days prior to the course start, you will be sent a reminder. If the outstanding Fees remain unpaid 24 hours prior to the course date unless by arrangement, your attendance on the course will be cancelled and the current balance of fees paid will be non-refundable.


4. Immediate Care Paramedics understands that sometimes financial constraints can stop you from achieving your aspirations. To help you overcome this barrier, Immediate Care Paramedics are pleased to offer you a Buy Now option and FREE Payment Plans. Through our payment services, and for your convenience we have payment options through our payment providers at Stripe and Laybuy to help you spread the cost of a course. This service is completely free to you the consumer, any costs are incurred by Immediate Care Paramedics.            

6. Once your deposit has been received you will receive an email containing the Payment Plan Agreement and the options for you to complete your Payment Plan Term.


To be accepted for Immediate Care Paramedics' payment plan all course fees must be paid in full 5 days prior to the

course start date, unless another arrangement has been made between both parties.



1. Should you be unable to attend your course, we respectfully request you notify us as soon as is practically possible.


2. Fees are refundable 21 days* before course commencement date upon written request, (minus any deposit paid). 

At this stage, you will be offered an option to rebook onto another course at a later date, or a refund, minus any deposit paid.


3. Your withdrawal from a course 14 days* before a course start date, you will only be entitled to a 50% refund of any payments received over the deposit value.

At this stage, Immediate Care Paramedics reserves the right to offer an option to rebook onto another course at a later date.  


4. Your withdrawal from a course within 7 days* of the course start date, the full fees are payable, non-refundable and non-transferable.


* Immediate Care Paramedics will assess each case on merit. At our discretion, the refunds offered will remain notwithstanding and we reserve the right to offer a place on the subsequent course. For any course transfer or deferral onto subsequent courses, Immediate Care Paramedics reserves the right to request an administration fee of $75 (please refer to clause Deposit, Section 1).   

5. In the event that Immediate Care Paramedics has to cancel a course, you will be advised and two options will be offered

Option 1. A full refund of course fees. (minus course manual costs if already received).

Option 2. You can defer your fees onto the following course. Confirmation of this will be arranged and sent to you in the form of a receipt stating the full amount of monies held on your behalf.


6. Please note that there will be no refund made on book purchases as these will be deemed to be your personal property and the cost of the manual purchase will be withheld from the refund price.

7. ICP will not be liable for any travel plans, travel costs and or accommodation fees. We would recommend that Flexi Flights are always booked to ensure if the rare event of a cancellation you have the ability to rebook flights.



Delegated Scopes of Practice.

Immediate Care Paramedics (ICP), delivers courses to various multidisciplinary team members each with different scopes of clinical practice.


During our courses, you will learn and be expected to undertake new skills, practices and procedures which may be outside of your current scope of practice.


To successfully complete the courses you are required to demonstrate competency in all aspects of the courses including the application of clinical skills, practices and procedures.


However, successful completion and certification do NOT grant a licence, nor an authority to practice skills or procedures that are known to be outside of your scope of practice or level.


Where ever possible you will act within your scope of practice as designated by your employer and follow your local policies, procedures and guidelines at all times, acting within your designated title and or scope of practice.



ICP DOES NOT support and will take NO responsibility for any individual acting outside of their clinical scope of practise if they chose to

perform skills or procedures outside the clinical governance of our courses within their workplace.


Immediate Care Paramedics would like to respectfully remind you that may only perform and undertake any skills, practices or procedures that you have been exposed to during our courses within your clinical environment if you have written authority and or a designated scope of practice to do so.  




Immediate Care Paramedics takes clinical governance and patient efficacy very seriously. Please ensure you read and understand the Delegated Scopes of Practice Policy.




Thank you.

Stuart Cooper, Clinical Director of Immediate Care Paramedics.


For further information about our T&C, please feel free to contact us.

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