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Advanced Airway Skills Course


Airway management is the fundamental basis of clinical care. Failure to manage an airway effectively will have disastrous consequences for patient mortality. 

The skills you will learn can build upon Paramedical Training and reinforce the skills learnt in previous medical, trauma and paediatric courses.



Is the airway patent? Partially Obstructed? Obstructed?

How do we manage a difficult airway?

What is your plan A?

More importantly, what is our plan B? 

Can't oxygenate, can't ventilate scenarios?


What's your plan?


The Advanced Airway Skills course will expand your current clinical knowledge of airway management through clinical lectures, practical skill stations and peer discussion.


The Advanced Airway Management Course is aimed at the experienced practitioner and assumes a degree of clinical knowledge and clinical experience before attendance.


Our clinical instructors will not only expand upon your clinical experience but also reinforce the essential 

skills of crew resource management and how to utilise your TEAM effectively during Plan A, Plan B or Plan C!

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