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Bleeding Control Course

Immediate Care Paramedics is the only affiliated and officially licensed

training centre within New Zealand to deliver bleeding controll courses


Obtain a world-class industry approved and internationally recognised certification backed by the American Colledge of Surgeons, the Department of Defence and the Hartford Consensus Committee on Trauma.

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The 2.5 hours of our fully interactive course will give you hands-on experience in controlling major bleeding, using the latest tourniquet, wound packing and direct pressure training equipment.

Identified through real-life scenarios you will learn:

The immediate response to bleeding

Recognise life-threatening bleeding

Appropriate ways to stop the bleeding


  • The help given by an immediate responder can often make the difference between life and death, even before professional rescuers arrive.


  • Injury results from a wide variety of causesincluding accidents or intentional harmand in a wide variety of locationssuch as your home or workplace.


  • Bleeding Control Courses can be delivered to anyone, in any job and in any situation where serious bleeding might occur at work, rest and play:

- Construction Workers

- Remote Workers

- Arborists

- Machine and Factory Workers

- Farmers

- Building Industry

- Your Home!


Bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma across the world. The greater the number of people who know how to control bleeding in an injured patient, the greater the chances of surviving that injury. 

How would you Stop Serious Bleeding if you had to?


Register today, and let us give you the skills to save the life of a neighbour, friend, loved one, family member or yourself! 

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