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Pediatric Education


Emergency Pediatric Care


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Immediate Care Paramedics Emergency Paediatric Care Course
Immediate Care Paramedics EPC Course Pediatric Course
Immediate Care Paramedics New Zealand Emergency Peditaric Course PEPP


Topics Covered Include

  • The pathophysiology of the most common critical pediatric emergency issues

  • Critical thinking skills to help practitioners make the best decisions for their patients

  • Application of the Pediatric Assessment Triangle (PAT), a tool to help EMS practitioners rapidly and accurately assess pediatric patients

  • The importance of family centred care

  • Understanding and communicating with children

  • Airway management, breathing and oxygenation

  • Cardiac emergencies

  • Recognising child abuse and neglect

  • Hypoperfusion and shock

  • Newborn resuscitation


The Emergency Pediatric Care (EPC) and the Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP) course have been aligned to encompass and complete course in the management of medical and trauma care of pediatric patients and their families.


The EPC course focuses on critical pediatric physiology, illness and injuries and interventions to ensure that pediatric practitioners provide the best treatment for sick and injured children in the field.


The course stresses critical thinking skills to help practitioners make the best decisions based on current research for their young patients.


The EPC course can be delivered as a BLS and ALS curriculum and is appropriate for first responders, EMT's, Paramedics, ICP's, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Doctors and other health care professionals who assess, treat and deliver care to pediatric patients.


Provider Course
A 16-hour course designed for EMT's, Paramedics, ICP's, Nurses, Doctors and other prehospital providers. Successful completion recognises you as a
PEPP Provider and is valid for 4 years
PEPP/EPC for First Responders Provider Course
An 8-hour course designed for first responders, EMA's, Fire Emergency NZ (FENZ), Rescue Personel and Police Officers. Successful completion recognises you as a
PEPP/EPC FR Provider and is valid for 4 years.
Refresher Course
An 8-hour course for individuals who have successfully completed the PEPP Provider Course within the 4 years and wish to revalidate their PEPP/EPC Provider Status.
Instructor Services
Our Clinical Directors at Immediate Care Paramedics (ICP) has been awarded the honour of being an Affiliate Faculty. This enables us to deliver the 4-hour PEPP/EPC Instructor updates to currently registered PEPP/EPC Instructors.
ICP also have the ability to develop future PEPP & EPC Instructors by offering monitoring and moderation for PHTLS Instructor qualification awards.
Types of EPC Courses
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