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Medical Education


Geriatric Education for EMS


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Topics Covered Include

  • Changes with age

  • Assessment of older adults

  • Pharmacology and medication toxicity

  • Psycho-social emergencies

  • Elder abuse

  • End of life care issues

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies

  • Trauma

  • Neurological emergencies and altered mental status

  • Mobile integrated healthcare

  • Special considerations for older adults in disaster response

  • Skin and wound care

  • Medical devices frequently used by older adults 

GEMS provides EMS practitioners
at all levels with the skills and knowledge to address the unique medical, social, environmental and communications challenges of older adults. Developed by NAEMT in partnership with the American Geriatrics Society, GEMS empowers EMS practitioners to help improve medical outcomes and quality of life for older patients.

GEMS features case-based lectures, live-action video, hands-on skill

stations, simulation and small group scenarios to fully engage students in the learning experience.

Two GEMS courses – a core and an advanced course – are available.

Advanced Provider Course
An 8-hour course designed for EMT's, Paramedics, ICP's, Nurses, Doctors and other prehospital providers. Successful completion recognises you as a GEMS Provider and is valid for 4 years
Core Provider Course
An 8-hour course designed for first responders, EMA's, Fire Emergency NZ (FENZ), Rescue Personel and Police Officers. Successful completion recognises you as a GEMS CP Provider and is valid for 4 years.
Refresher Course
An 8-hour course for individuals who have successfully completed either the  Core or the Advanced Provider Course within the 4 years and wish to revalidate their GEMS Provider Status.
Instructor Services
For AMLS and PHTLS Instructors with a valid certification, ICP can deliver the GEMS Instructor Course.
Teaching instructors how to host an engaging learning experience for participants. The orientation encompasses using course materials, interactive skill stations and care based lectures.
Types of GEMS Courses
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