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New Zealand C0-Ordinated Incident Management System


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Immediate Care Paramedics in conjunction with Emergency   Preparedness Services is a market leader in presenting the New Zealand Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) Level 3 and Level 4 courses.

Intro to CIMS/Incident Management Course (CIMS3) Topics Covered:

  • What is incident management?

  • History of the Coordinated Incident Management System (CIMS) in New Zealand

  • CIMS use as a Response and/or Planning Tool

  • Overview of the four standard ‘R’s of NZ Emergency Management plus a couple of

    other crucial ‘R’s

  • Principles and characteristics of CIMS

  • Control and Command

  • Lead and Support Agencies

  • Unified Control

  • Situational Awareness

  • Common Operating Picture

  • SMEAC Briefing

  • Incident Level CIMS functions

  • Incident Level Response

  • Develop an initial understanding of an incident, and what response is required

  • Levels of response – from the incident level to the National Security System

  • Additional CIMS functions at the operational and coordination levels

  • Develop and implement plans

  • How the various levels of response interact and support each other

  • Outputs from Coordination Centres

  • Putting it together: Examples of Various Response Scenarios

  • Incident Classification System

  • Overview of the National Security System

  • Overview of Civil Defence Emergency Management in New Zealand

  • Agency responsibilities during responses

  • Personal Preparedness – ensuring you and your family are prepared for disasters and are prepared for you to take part in your agency’s response

  • NZQA Certification – CIMS3

We have three different ways of presenting CIMS3 training:

  • On line via Zoom or Teams (six hours of on line training)

  • On line via videos (self-paced learning through six+ hours of custom videos)

  • Face-to-face (six hours  of face-to-face training)

The courses can be taught with an Incident Level, or an Coordination Centre level emphasis – depending on the attendees. The video option will allow people to have a good look at both.

No matter which type of training a learner enrols in, they will be able to obtain NZQA certification for unit standard 32158 (Demonstrate basic knowledge of CIMS)


Here are the the three different teaching options we have available:

1. CIMS3, live, online (via Zoom or Teams) – $140 per person (for first 15 people, $110 per person for each additional person)

  • Online NZQA Assessment (32158), via, included

  • 3 x 2 hour sessions (short break in each session with at least a 30-minute

    break between sessions)

  • No venue, catering, transport, accommodation fees

    The more people you have online, the less you pay per head:

15 people (minimum number required to run a course) – $2100 + GST

25 people ($140×15, 10 x $110) – $3200 + GST ($128 per person)

50 people ($140×15, 35 x $110) – $5950 + GST ($119 per person)

2. CIMS3, via videos – $100 per person (no minimum)

  • Our online video program allows a student learn CIMS, in their own time, from any web enabled device. On completion they will automatically be enrolled into the NZQA assessment.

  • Online NZQA Assessment (32158), via, included

  • Students learn in their own time

  • No venue, catering, transport, accommodation fees

3. CIMS3, live, face-to-face – $150 per person (minimum 15 people) – each additional person beyond 15, $110 per person

  • Online NZQA Assessment (32158), via, included

  • 1-day course (you choose start time)

  • You arrange venue and meet costs of transport and accommodation for a Christchurch-based instructor

If you have an appropriate venue, we can teach as many as you’d like face-to- face:

15 people (minimum nbr required to run a course) – $2250 + GST

25 people ($150×15, 10 x $110) – $3350 + GST ($134 per person)

50 people ($150×15, 35 x $110) – $6100 + GST ($122 per person)

If you would like more information or to register your place, please 

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