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Immediate Care Paramedics

Thank you for taking the time to view The Trauma Box

Worldwide, more people die from the consequences of wounds or injuries not being treated or treated too late. If large, open wounds are not attended to immediately, a person can bleed to death in a few seconds. 


As we have seen with the increase in public access defibrillators, we NOW need to start thinking about one of the worlds largest causes of preventable deaths


The Trauma Box has been designed in high-grade aluminium, is weatherproof, reduces vandalism, eye-catching, highly visible and easily accessible.


Placed in locations with large volumes of human traffic e.g entrance halls, schools, places of worship, railway stations, malls or places of work where high risks of injury might occur.


As a publically available first aid kit for serious bleeding, the practical Trauma Box is ready at all times.


In an emergency, employees and passers-by can gain quick access to the Trauma Box and its lifesaving contents immediately.


Delivered in conjunction with a Stop the Bleed NZ Course can your building, organisation or business afford to be without it?



The Trauma Box will be integrated into all of our Stop The Bleed Courses from 2021,

ensuring that we can provide our customers with an all in one solution for managing a catastrophic haemorrhage in the workplace.

Stopping the bleed has never been easier than with the

Trauma Box.


For more information about the Trauma Box or to request a demonstration please click here.

To enquire about a Stop the Bleed course, please click here

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