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AMLS Basic Course NEW!

An 8-hour (1 day) basic entry course designed for EMT's Junior Nurses, Student Nurses and Medical Student's. The course will devlope skills and prepare you for the 2 day provider course. Successful completion recognises you as an AMLS B Provider and is valid for 4 years.

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AMLS  Basic Course NEW!
AMLS  Basic Course NEW!

Time & Location


Christchurch, Christchurch, New Zealand

About the event

Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS) is the gold standard of education for emergency medical assessment and treatment.

The AMLS B course is a brand new course which has been designed following requests from health care professionals who wanted to undertake and the learn the AMLS principals, but didn't feel they were currently working at or ready for undertaking the full 2 day AMLS level.

The AMLS B course can be studied as a stand alone course for those wishing to develop their skills and knowledge, or as a step towards ensuring you are prepared for the full 2 day AMLS ALS course.

Endorsed by the National Association of EMS Physicians, AMLS emphasises the use of the AMLS Assessment pathway, a systemic tool for assessing and managing common medical conditions with urgent accuracy.

Students learn to recognise and manage common medical crises through realistic case-based scenarios that challenge students to apply their knowledge to acutely critical patients.

The AMLS course emphasises the use of scene size up, patient history with an interactive group discussion on potential treatment strategies.

Undertaking physical examinations to systematically rule out and consider possibilities and probabilities in treating patients' medical crises.

Immediate Care Paramedics delivers the AMLS course through evidence based lectures, skill stations and realistic moulaged patient scenarios, supported by the comprehensive AMLS course book.

The AMLS course is offered in a variety, of course, types to meet the needs of EMT's, Paramedics, ICP'S, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Doctors and other clinical specialities treating and managing acutely unwell patients. AMLS is an excellent acute medical course for anyone considering Emergency Care Practitioner (ECP) or Urgent Community Care (UCC) based models of care.

If you are unsure which AMLS course is appropriate for you please, contact us and we will honestly aprase your options for you.

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