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Immediate Care Paramedics
Training Provider and Equipment Supplier

We believe in delivering affordable, high-quality vocational education and training to health care providers, industries, businesses and members of the public across New Zealand.

In support of our training and education packages, we can supply you with the necessary equipment to ensure that you have the tools to respond when the time comes to act!

Your educational needs, learning requirements and equipment supplies
are our business.

Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Proudly NZ Owned and Operated since 2017.

Now available across all our courses!


Immediate Care Paramedics are proud to work with and alongside our clients, sponsors and peers.

We believe in an open and honest business environment with no compromises in quality or integrity.

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Immediate Care Paramedics

Immediate Care Paramedics Logo_Single Colour_edited.png

Immediate Care Paramedics

17 Stanbury Avenue, 

Somerfield, Christchurch.

New Zealand

Tel: 0210 8716658

NAEMT Immediate Care Paramedics


Thank you for your enquiry. One of the ICP team will respond as soon as possible.

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